HWOSA Mini Marathon: 5km Through Canaan City's Timeless Beauty

9th Dec, 2023
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In a spectacle of pump and pageantry, the HWOSA Mini 5km Marathon unfolded with enthusiasm and unity, transcending gender boundaries. Participants embarked on a scenic route that guided them through the historic heart of Calabar, also known as Canaan City. Starting from the venerable grounds of the oldest school, Hope Waddell Training Institution (HWTI), established in 1895, runners navigated a course down Diamond Hill, through the Murtala Mohammed Highway, then up the historic alley gracing the ancient pre-colonial walls in the State Library area, continuing onto Hope Waddell Avenue, and back. The marathon's course wove through a tapestry of modern and ancient architectural wonders, providing a unique blend of atmospheres that encapsulated the rich heritage of the region. This event not only celebrated physical fitness but also served as a journey through time, with each step echoing the legacy of HWTI and the timeless charm of Calabar. The Mini Marathon exemplified the harmonious interplay between the old and the new, creating an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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