How to Check Your Result (Updated!)

3rd Aug, 2022
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Here's HOW TO CHECK YOUR RESULT: (1) First, lookup the information at the back of your Login Card. (2) Next, navigate down the home page to the bottom links on the screen and there you can locate the link that says LOGIN, under the RESOURCES category. (3) Click the LOGIN link and get unto the sign-in page. (4) Next, enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD printed at the front of the Login Card. Your USERNAME begins with HWTI, and don't forget the 'dash', then the 4-digit number. Your personal dashboard opens. (5) Click the three dots located at the top left corner of your screen (that's if you're using a phone, otherwise if you're on a desktop computer you'll just easily see it at the left edge of your computer screen), and immediately the left sidebar pops out. (6) Then, navigate down to EXAMINATIONS, then from the drop-down click RESULT. (7) The RESULT page opens and from here you click SELECT EXAM ( Choose 'TERM 3'), then scroll down to set of classes listed in ascending order; click SELECT CLASS (choose your class), then SELECT SECTION (choose your class section, A, B, C, or D), then finally click SEARCH. Please view the photos from the link below: The DASHBOARD version of the result shows up at the bottom (as you scroll down you could just see it). But, preferably you'll love it better seeing the PRINT version. So, click PRINT. Then wait until the system generates the print copy of your result. You can download it to your phone, tablet, or computer, and can even print it.

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